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Anna Nicklin – Long range operations specialist using drones for offshore installations, FlyLogix, has conducted the farthest beyond line of sight civilian drone flight in UK.

The flight, which was conducted on 17th July, saw Flylogix’s Condor drone complete an inspection of the DP3 unmanned platform on behalf of oil and gas operator Centrica. The drone took off from Blackpool Airport and flew a 88 km round trip to the platform in the East Irish Sea, which forms part of Centrica’s Morecambe Bay operations.

The Condor drone obtained and returned detailed infrared imagery from the flight. The use of long range drones to complete remote offshore inspection provides operators with high quality imagery and data without the cost and risk of mobilising personnel offshore.

Commenting on the record flight, FlyLogix Chairman, Charles Tavner, said:

“This is a major milestone for FlyLogix as we showcase the significant benefits of our long range offshore drone service, and ultimately demonstrate the future of offshore inspection and logistics. We are grateful for the support of the CAA, Centrica, Blackpool Airport and other air space users, to ensure the success of this record service. FlyLogix is uniquely placed to deliver this service. We have clearly shown the track record, the technology and industry knowledge to complete these operations. We are extremely excited about rolling this service out more widely, and the future prospects of FlyLogix as the trusted service provider.”

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