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Where will you go?

The Flylogix team brings together talented engineers, software developers and operational experts who are pioneering the most advanced UAV systems and services for commercial use anywhere in the world.

Gulf of Mexico

Operations planned for 2023

Flylogix Norge

Bergen, Norway

Flylogix Operating Hub

Scatsta, Shetland

Trinidad & Tobago

Operations contracted for 2022

Flylogix HQ

Fareham, UK

Flylogix Operating Hub

Norfolk, UK

Flylogix Operating Hub

Aberdeen, UK


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Key Benefits

Using our tested and tough UAS craft, it’s possible to fly sustainably and cost-effectively to the remotest locations and in the harshest environments.

High endurance

Routinely operating hundreds of kilometres offshore for 6+ hours 

Reducing Risk

Our centrally controlled operations keep people safe

Cost Effective

We’re pioneering – even on price


Protecting the planet better when compared to manned flight


Fully remote satellite command and control that can cover every territory


Propelled with precision

Skyspace is our pioneering, proprietary tech supporting our UAS to fly safely, precisely and robustly anywhere in the world.

  • Mission planning and simulation
  • Central control for global operations
  • Ensures security of mission and customer data
  • Customer portal for secure real-time mission monitoring
  • Advanced telemetry for asset management
Powering Partnerships

Powering partnerships

Our pioneering technology partnerships are forging new ways to prove, progress and improve UAV to deliver the highest performance and regulatory standards with the lowest environmental impact for the world.

McLaren – We’ve partnered with leaders in motorsport to drive data to the heart of our operation using their ATLAS data management tool.

Iridium – The industry leaders in global satellite technology ensure we’re connected where we are so we can be wherever you need us.


Where does Flylogix fly from?

Flylogix can operate from major commercial airports, in conjunction with other manned aviation, through to small, isolated airstrips less than 100m (330ft) in length.

What regulations does Flylogix fly under?

Flylogix operates under a commercial aerial permission from the Civil Aviation Authority, together with a safety case developed with the oil and gas operator to meet the requirements of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Where do you control the aircraft from?

Our UAS are all remotely piloted from one of our regional ground control hubs, such as Shetland or Aberdeen, with all missions monitored over Skyspace® at Flylogix HQ.

Who flies the aircraft?

The remotely-piloted aircraft is flown by a qualified pilot at all times, with the additional aid of a sophisticated autopilot.


How close can a plane get to an asset?

Our planes can get as close as 250m for ultimate accuracy

Do I need to apply for CAA permissions?

No. We have pre-approval

How soon can I have my emissions data?

Immediately. Data is collected in realtime and uploaded to your Skyspace dashboard.

How accurate is the data?

Very. Data is continually and precisely collected by our wingtip sensors every flight.

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