Our Vision

We want to use unmanned aviation to make our world a better place.

Every day, thousands of miles are flown to conduct work which ranges from transporting time-critical goods, surveying pipelines, and monitoring waterways through to inspecting crops, tracking livestock and recording environmental data.

But aviation today has a problem. It takes a huge amount of fuel to fly a person safely, which is expensive, damaging to the environment, and ultimately unsustainable. And yet demand for services continues to grow.

At Flylogix, we are bringing together artificial intelligence, satellite communication and low-cost electronics to develop a new generation of smaller, more efficient, unmanned aircraft.  We use these to transform remote operations, dramatically reducing carbon emissions, improving safety and providing new cost-effective solutions.

We are the future of aviation services.


Our Values

Our values drive everything we do and how we do everything.


We make bold leaps and work relentlessly to realise them.


We are diverse in our opinions and united in our decisions.


We fail, learn and succeed together.

Our Team

Unmanned aviation is disrupting the industry

Rapid developments in computing, communications, electronics and regulation are reshaping the aerospace business. To meet these challenges, we have brought together the brightest team of engineers, scientists and operators. Our experiences span oil, gas, wind energy, search & rescue, formula one, retail, and aerospace. Our backgrounds span diverse organisations like Cable and Wireless, Vestas, McLaren, Red Bull and RNLI. Together we are passionate about using unmanned aircraft to build a better world

Work with us

The Flylogix team is made up of talented engineers, technologists and operational experts.

We’re always on the look out for bright people with aerospace or oil and gas industry experience and a drive for excellent customer service.

If you are interested in working at Flylogix, please contact us below or send your CV, in confidence, to: jobs@flylogix.com

Work with us

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