Flylogix is trailblazing a new category in unmanned aviation of ‘full service, over horizon’ surveillance and emissions monitoring.  There has never been a more pressing time to unlock the power of remote operations.  Iridium’s truly global communications network is central to enabling these safe, cost-effective services and the only one offering Global Line of Sight (GLoS).”

DAN MERCERVice President & General Manager, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Russia.

“We recognise that such autonomous technology can bring huge benefit to the oil, gas and renewables sector and we believe we can help unmanned aerial vehicles and current airspace users operate safely in an integrated North Sea environment.”

DARYL HEASELGRAVENATS General Manager Aberdeen Airport

“To further support our safety vessels for this operation we have worked with Flylogix, here on Solent Airfield, to include aviation and add a further dimension to our safety solution. Our aim was to develop a UAV real time image system to increase the monitoring of vessel traffic in area and to help ensure that the project can be completed without incident to the public or commercial water users.”

JAKE STEVENSIFA2 Project Manager

“Improving our knowledge, understanding and performance by testing new technologies and working closely with suppliers is central to the North Sea’s carbon reduction plan, which aims to limit greenhouse emissions in our North Sea business. This pilot project represents a significant step forward in our ability to do that.”

ARIEL FLORESBP, North Sea Regional President

“Flylogix’ focus on safety and risk management was exemplary and evident throughout every aspect of the operation, demonstrating their robust operating procedures throughout the mission. This is paramount across all offshore industries and critical to enabling the adoption of this exciting new technology. “

SHANE JACOBSGlobal Aviation Manager